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Oct 22, 2012 12:00am PDT
. we can fund projects that the cma -- you know, the authority deems to have proximate access to priority development areas, so the best example of this that i can give is if you look at the priority development area on 19th avenue, we don't necessarily have to provide funding for just the piece of project that may be on 19th within the pda but if project provides access we can also use that project. that means the criteria. there is that piece of it. so that can be helpful for a lot of the districts that have the large corridors and the citywide networks providing access. >> someone -- give me an example. not representing district one or four here, since we are on the committee here and in district one, the one california feeds into and starts by the ocean. but this is not in district one but the california because it feeds into it, we can prioritize to 40th? >> we would have to look at where the improvements where, make sure improvements are serving the priority development area. if we do all improvements out at 40th, we would have to balance those two things. >> okay. >> pr
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm EDT
all the numbers in but i have to say go back to scott available at the cma, let's go to peter them. scott, you are available, we saw a beat on the top and the bottom line, we still haven't got the click's numbers in yet. once those come in, could that change the after-hours process? >> in the long run, no. maybe another $0.15, i don't see the stock regardless of what the click rate is, don't these topping 16.5. it has been dead money for so long, the top part is really capped off in the next 20, $0.30 or so. liz: again, we're waiting for the cost per click, but also looking at the america's money that came in, pretty decent number coming through. shares up 2.7% after the bell looking at this. >> after google ending on positive news feed will be met with possible buying. we will wait for more details as it comes out but initially deserves to have a little pop it is heaven. david: do you think you might own yahoo if the numbers are good? >> it is possible it would eventually come to our screening process but in general we look for companies with good five-year earnings growth and fit
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
bigger in the future. you 00 nighted arab shipping have moved in. and cma is moving in. so we've moved our downtown business progressively into the new port and the's going really well. >>> recovering british economies paid out a record 23 billion pounds in dividends for the third quarter. james, they're sitting on a record amount of cash, as well. how do you play that? >> in an environment where everybody is never us about the direction of equities, yields are attractive. value is relatively cheap so people have an entry opportunity. i think one needs to be careful about what high dividend is telling one. there are some companies that are relatively stressed, other companies reasonably high dividends, bags of growth particular pli when the yield is in the like as example vodaphone. this is an important part of the capital discipline. with a we don't want companies spending enormous amounts in growing that capacity, which is a real risk in mosts seek kells. we're not seeing that this time around. >> amazon reportedly upping a bid as it seeks to ramp up its fashion offers and at the sam
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3